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Comprehensive Tourism Directory

ads_logo_arCrystallized the idea site for Lelsyaha dot com integrated tourism in Egypt, all what you mean by the word Tourism general idea of a comprehensive and simplified where it is through the web site View all tourism services in Egypt in an integrated manner and content of an integrated and interdependent.
The site seeks to interdependence and integration between the manufacturers of tourism on the one hand and its beneficiaries on the other.
Where the site includes the following:
A directory of institutions tourist tourism companies – Hotels – Restaurants – aviation companies and offices – tourist transport companies – tourist shops – diving centers. As it allows all participants to add Data and services and photo album for their service and the latest news and views and add methods of communication available and their favorite can also beneficiaries of such services (clients) communicate directly through the site to reach their requests and queries on the e-mail of your organization’s to be dealt with directly .
Each tourist activity has registered its own page Active take the name of Company
Ex: www.lelsyaha.com / yourCompany
Latest news and offers tourist through that page you add another tourist facilities belonging to your Company news and the latest offers available with special offers and discounts, and so on
Database and information that your site by adding a database and useful information to all sectors working in the field of tourism for each area separately and for customers by as well.
Ads Classifieds, including the tourist is the privatization Classifieds tourist advertisements only where it is which offers and requests for the sale and purchase of fixed assets tourism.
Employment in tourism is limited Classifieds tourist to the request and the declaration of the functions of a specialized tourist magazines tourism in Egypt.

Soon .. Design will end up site .. English .. French .. German .. Russian .. Italian .. China .. Japanese